Three Ignorant Things You Don’t Want to Say In a Conversation about Homosexuality

Whoa. That title was longer than this post is going to be.

So you’re against gay marriage…welcome to Precarisoties.

And you, you have a tattoo of “Love Wins”? It’s nice to meet you. Glad you’re here. Take a seat, everyone–no, there are no sides, you may sit wherever you like–and let’s get started.

1.        You don’t agree with gay marriage, so you’re a homophobe.

Whoa, ignorance. By your own logic, sir or ma’am, those who disagree on this issue cannot be friends. Are you saying the only people in the world who are friends are those who see eye to eye on all major issues? Not a single Catholic is friends with an Atheist? Not a single Planned Parenthood worker gets along with someone who is pro life?
A lot of people take this particular point and turn it against Christians. Let me answer this loud and clear (I’m pulling out a bullhorn right now): If they are truly a Christian, you will experience nothing but love from them. That means they will not mock or shun you, but let you know they are available to first listen to you, and then speak with you. But sometimes loving someone means not saying “That is okay,” or saying, “That is not okay.” If your husband is an alcoholic, you are allowed to love him without loving that part of what he does. If your best friend is a Mexican drug lord, you are allowed to accept him while telling him you are not okay with what he does. If your child is punching other children on the playground, you are allowed to do what you can to guide them toward a non-punching path, all while loving them as the person they are.

People don’t have to be scared of something to disagree with it. I am not in the least bit frightened by banana Laffy Taffys, but I think we can all cast a “nay” on the creation of those. (Seriously, how are those still being made?)

A disgrace to candy everywhere.
A disgrace to candy everywhere.
2.        I don’t want to be friends with you/talk to you/look at you/breathe the same air if you’re against gay marriage.

All the ignorance. I hope you will never be on the sending or receiving side of this statement, as it is rife with irony. Come on, man! You just worked so hard to accomplish something you think embodies equality and tolerance in its most basic sense. And along the way, you met and heard many people who said things like I hate gays or God doesn’t love you if you’re gay.When you heard these things, did you think, “Intolerance rocks”? If not, then don’t fall to that level. Those people only eat piping hot Ignorance and Hypocritical soup. And I hear it sucks.

3.        I’m moving to Canada if gay marriage is legalized.

Ring, ring. Who is it? Ignorance. You think Canada doesn’t have its own problems? National problem number one: They think ham is bacon.

When did we get so whimpy as a nation? If you believe in something, stand up, put some war paint on, and fight for it. There’s no other way gay marriage would have made it to the Supreme Court of the United States of America. People were loud, unapologetic, and persistent, and no matter what your thoughts on the ruling, I think we can all take note that that is how you fight for what you believe in.

Don’t you dare say nonsense like “I’m moving to Canada.” Fine! Good! Enjoy their poser bacon!

Hope the maple syrup makes up for the non-bacon bacon. Deuces.

Now that you know three “no no” phrases, you will never get into a political, religious, or values-based argument again…

Oh if that were true. It’s not, though, so continue to proceed with empathy and understanding. There are not two sides. We are humans living the same lives with different beliefs. Don’t compromise your beliefs, but don’t shut those out who don’t agree.

Thank you for joining me for this therapeutic rant session. Carry on with your lives.

Before You Go:

“Know this, my beloved brothers: let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger…”

-James 1:19


5 thoughts on “Three Ignorant Things You Don’t Want to Say In a Conversation about Homosexuality

  1. Thank you! I think people associate Christians as homophobic or as not factual or as hypocrites. Although that can be true for some, Christianity should be a place of love.

    But, like you said, it doesn’t mean saying that the behavior is okay 🙂


  2. I am starting a new project for college kids and I think your writing would fit perfectly with what we are looking for. Would you be interested in writing for another blog?


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