August: In Review

1. Dayton, OH
There are some who absolutely hate this patch of earth (I’m looking at you, bearded man in my Personal Finance class), but I think it has a certain charm to it. I’ve had family in and out of there for a long time, but I feel like every time I’ve gone, it’s been a little different of an experience. This past visit in particular was for my Grandma’s Birthday Bash. The family really made an effort to come in from a couple different states and–as usual–be super weird together.
 Exhibit A of McAvoy weirdness. As Uncle Tom put it, we had pictures of “Grandma the baby and Grandma the babe.” 
We had a whole weekend planned to celebrate Grandma, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t have fun too. Sunday afternoon we arrived at 5/3 Field (What is the deal with that bank name? I wouldn’t trust them to do math for me) and headed up to our suite! Granted, it was only the Dayton Dragons, but last time I checked this was still America, and that was still baseball.
My cousin Kerry even got on the big screen! The “It’s My Birthday” tiara may have had something to do with it. The camera loves her.
Lastly, City Barbecue did not let down as one of our lunch choices. We’re talkin’ the most homestyle meats, potato salad, rolls, fries, etc you’ve ever had, even compared to your grandma’s. If you’re looking to cheat on your diet, this is not a bad place to go. (Or it is a bad place to go? Depends on if you’re a glass half full or half empty kinda person). They have locations in Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina, and Ohio. Click on the link to make your mouth water  check them out.

2. “Oceans (Crowns and Thorns)” by KB 
Everyone’s heard of Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) by Hillsong United, and for good reason: it’s an incredible song. And the rule for incredible songs is should be that you don’t try to remake/remix it, in case you screw up what made it incredible in the first place.
Alas, there are always exceptions.
I’m telling you, this remix way outranks the original. More passion, more intensity, more truth, more to love. Favorite lyrics?
In the beginning we, in the beginning we, we would give anything
Value for ministry, missions, and bigger things
You could take everything, you just give me the King.
But the fire faded
I just wanna retire with savings.
Are you the safest when the world loving you or had enough of you?
Who’s in more danger, the persecuted or the comfortable?

3. “Don’t Listen to Me” by Propaganda
Speaking of truth, let me introduce you to Propaganda. A California rapper, hip hop, and spoken word artist and musician, he has four independent albums out, as well as a few other projects. Check this guy out on YouTube, Spotify, whatever, because he is the real deal. His love for Christ and passion for the Gospel is evident throughout all of his work. Thought-provoking, touching, sometimes humorous lyrics make up his songs, but these aren’t the kind you just put on as background noise while you study. This isn’t music that you’ll be used to, but that might just be a good thing. Favorite lyrics?
Humans, when left to their own devices, seem to be hopelessly selfish
And bent on their own destruction
It seems unless a power greater than us captures our hearts
Nothing will change that trajectory.
Wealth, knowledge, success seems to only feed the beast.
But don’t listen to me
We just met
What do I know?

Now you’ve got some homework: Go eat barbecue at a baseball game while listening to Christian rap. If none of these tickle your fancy, click here to see last month’s reviews on Tori Kelly, Serena, IMDb, and Epic Burger. Meet you back here when September ends. Just make sure to…wake me up…
I’m sorry. You knew it had to be done. Green Day will forever hold trolling rights to the end of that month.
Before You Go
You know that line from Oceans (Crowns and Thorns) that goes, “Who’s in more danger, the persecuted or the comfortable?” Maybe you think the answer is obvious. Maybe you think the question is offensive to those persecuted. Tune in during September to hear my thoughts (that hopefully mirror what Jesus would think) on this.

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