Why I’m Voting Trump in 2016

Whoops, don’t know how that title got up there. I’m not voting for ole Donny, by the way, I just figured it was a surefire way to get a bunch of you to click. Don’t hate me. It worked, didn’t it?

Sam Seaborn approves of my questionable methods.

The Presidential Elections are a little over a year away, but it’s never too early to become a cynical, doomsday naysayer! Several weeks ago, I realized this is the first year that I can’t eek by with getting my news update from Snapchat’s mini, dumbed-down version of CNN. This is the first year I can’t think I would probably vote for him or She seems like a nice person. This is the first year I have to actually put forth effort into being a responsible, well-informed citizen. And that should scare some of you.

(I know it scares me).
(I know it scares me).

Speaking of scary, is anyone concerned that our country’s frontrunners are Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton? Are you guys awake? The apocalypse is happening, and it’s called Presidential Election 2016. 


What does it say about us that (currently) this man and woman are the ones we are putting on a pedestal? They are the ones that, for everything they are saying, we are saying, “Yes. This candidate shares my views. I agree with them, their policies, their beliefs, and how they want to go about changing America.”


Here are some more things about which I don’t know how to feel. I’ve heard it said that:

  • If a candidate is not pro life, voters should immediately stop considering them because nothing is more important.
  • You shouldn’t worry about watching debates or brushing up on candidates until after the primaries, because so many of them are going to be cut out of the race anyway.
  • Hillary Clinton is unfit to run the country because of her ’80s pantsuits, weird makeup, bossy demeanor, etc.

Time out. That last one shouldn’t have made the list. I know exactly how I feel about people making sexist remarks. (“Why are they sexist?” you ask, and I’m so glad you did). No one would bother with pointing out such irrelevant details if it was about a male candidate. We have gotten so used to men in politics, in suits, in public forums, in offices, waving to crowds, kissing babies, and being in charge, that when someone who wears a skirt instead of pants tries to do it, we start commenting on the skirt, and not the person. However, I will grant you that Donald Trump’s toupee creates its fair share of media interest. Although I’ve never really considered him to be a man. More of an overly-affluent, misogynistic pig.

Look at him. Insults just bounce off that blonde cloud of sexism.

But back to Hillary. I will never vote for her, but my disdain comes from policy disagreements and distrust stemming from her shady history. Which, in my biased opinion, is how deciding for and against candidates should go. Do you know know what infuriated me about the 2008 election? Not that President Obama was elected. (Please, I could’ve cared less. It was 7th grade and I had clothes to buy at Limited Too and middle school dances to attend). I remember hearing people–both white and black–saying, “I voted for Obama just because he was black.” Look it up, folks, that’s called idiocy.


I may not know much about the candidates (yet), but I know a little about how life works.

We learned in high school that even the greatest people with the best of intentions can screw up big time and let us down.

We learned in middle school that someone isn’t worthy of your time, love, attention, friendship, loyalty, etc. just because they have nice clothing, made varsity, or put on a good show.

We learned in elementary school that people break their promises.

Consider these lessons (some of us) learned so long ago, and use caution in your research and voting over this next year.

Who’s your personal frontrunner as of September 2015? What is the biggest issue you want the President to focus on over the next 4-8 years? Did I leave out any of your favorite West Wing gifs? Leave a comment below and let’s *kind of* talk politics.



2 thoughts on “Why I’m Voting Trump in 2016

  1. I’m for Sanders at the moment. But I’ve voted in 11 Presidential elections, and easily half the time, it’s a “lesser of two weasels” decision. If that’s what up for next year, I’m ready.

    (Superb GIF use.)


  2. Haha, I believe it! I feel like half my life I’ll vote for someone, then spend the next 4 years cringing every time my candidate does something.

    As far as I’m concerned, if Sanders can deliver on the “no tuition” thing then he doesn’t need any other policies.


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