September: In Review

September was one of those “summer is basically gone but there’s still some warm weather left so we need to do anything fun that we can” months.

For me, it included…

-Two parking tickets (One of them appealed. Unsuccessfully).

-Me forgetting to cancel my Netflix subscription AGAIN.

-A pro life march in my hometown Street Fair. Also at Street Fair, Tom’s Tasty Tators(!!!) 3 of those in 2 days = 0 shame.

-My trusty laptop getting a virus. Goodbye hard earned money…

-A lot of birthdays. All three of my current past and present roommates’ birthdays. Consecutively. I’m too poor for this kind of September gift bombardment!

-A visit to Ohio to see one of said roommates.

“Welcome Kelly. Plz enjoy ur stay @ Hotel Cynthia.” What a great hostess.

On a much larger, (and a little more important) scale, it included…

-Presidential Debates. The Republican Presidential Debate was then made into one of the newest Bad Lip Readings. Incredible. A work of art.

-The Pope came to America. We were going to have lunch, but I had to cancel last minute. Just too much homework, you know?

-#shoutyourabortion trended on social media.

What about Precariosities, you ask? Here’s what our September looked like:

-To our global family we added the countries of Japan, Mexico, Brazil, New Zealand, and India. They were always my favorite anyway, so…

-Our LOGO was born! Click here to read about the design, how it relates to Precariosities, and if we’ll ever figure out what that word means.

-Our INSTAGRAM account was born! Scroll to the bottom of the page to see some of my latest pictures, and if you’re on Instagram, follow us @ Precariosities!

-Our PINTEREST account was born! Thousands of pins on everything from DIY to fitness to quotes, so guaranteed to be a really fun time waster.

-We shut down for a week to redo our theme, the About Page, add a logo, and release our tagline: Be Anchored. 

Here’s to hoodies, everything pumpkin spice, and schools being suckered into giving us two days off.


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