October: In Review

I would say thank goodness for October weather and how it brings the fall temperatures, but we’re six days into November and having 72 degree days with sunny skies.

What’s the deal, earth?

Here’s what October brought:

>>The Discovery of An Egalitarian Blog<<<

Photo taken from jorymicah.com
Photo taken from jorymicah.com

Ladies, if you’re looking for a role model on how fierce a woman should be, look no further. Jory Micah is fearless, bold, outspoken, and unapologetic. jorymicah.com is probably the most powerful spot on the internet. She says what others are either too confused, too embarrassed, or too scared to say, and thank goodness she does. Her entire theme is “Breaking the Glass Steeple.” In other words, helping free women from the myth that the Bible commands men to rule over them. In doing so, she’s empowering half the church to step up to their callings and use their God-given abilities to build the Kingdom. Did I mention it was powerful stuff? Here are some excerpts from recent posts:

Christian married couples need to hear both male and female preachers talk about sex. A woman can offer a perspective on having a healthy sex life that a man cannot, and vice versa. We must teach boys and young men to look at the heart of a woman, rather than her body and face, so that when they become men, they can listen to a “pretty preacher” without being distracted by her looks. 

           -What To Do With Sexy Female Preachers

As a military officer, I have authority over men and women alike. I write performance reports, direct them, teach them, mentor them, discipline them, and have even decided which of them would deploy to a war zone. For this, I am honored. For this, I am thanked. 

But when I take off the rank, put away the uniform, grab a Bible and expound on Scripture in a public forum, I am no longer allowed such authority. Many Christians who question the propriety of my role as a senior teaching pastor do not give a fleeting thought to my authority over men in the military.

   -Honored as a Female Officer, But Not Always as a Preacher (Guest Post)

Complementarianism within itself is not always oppressive, but the theology leads to all sorts of evils if put in the wrong hands. The doctrine is sort of like a gun. A gun in itself is not bad, but when a gun is put into the wrong hands, people get hurt (this post is about gun control, so everyone reading, spare me the politics, please).

We are to test people and Christian thought by the fruit produced (Matt. 7:20). I realize this is my personal experience, but I rarely meet a gracious and loving “extreme complementation.”

-Open Letter of Response to Douglas Wilson

>>>I finally listened to Uncomfortable by Andy Mineo<<<


Yes friends, I know the album was released in September, but Andy’s not always at the top of my “write about this” priority list.

I have to say, Andy’s growing on me. He doesn’t go nearly as hard as he did in his previous album Neverland (2014), but he’s just as real. It’s the coolest thing to hear him rap on one album about his struggles with sexual sin and respecting women, then hear him rap on his next album about being married and how much he loves his wife. My personal favorites include “Desperados,” “Hear My Heart,” and “Rat Race.”

Here’s a little taste of what you should be listening to the next few weeks:

My own people owned people, but they don’t own that

They say racism’s dead, man our president is black

Two terms in the White House, that don’t mean jack

If we still believe our present aint affected by our past


My Savior is Jewish, my lawyer is Jewish

My stomach is Buddhist

I’m trying to lose it, but I need to chill on Fig Newtons, I swear

I don’t sweat the money, only the music

Now I got the juice, and my words got influence

That’s power to use it and I don’t wanna blow it

I don’t respect anybody that’s trying to flex

Ya’ll lookin’ the weakest

Cause I was with a billionaire last week and the boy had Payless sneakers on

-“Know That’s Right”

>>Lastly, Precariosities is getting bigger!<<<

At the end of October, we added Bailey Gerber to our ranks. Her official title is “Director of Content,” but sometimes I just call her “hey you.”

A Kelly and a Bailey in Belize circa 2013
A Kelly and a Bailey in Belize circa 2013. Years 2014-2015 have brought minor improvements to the attractiveness factors for us, and zero improvements to the weird factors.

If you see her around (or her posts, which you definitely will!) give her a “hey you, congratulations” shout out.

You can also see her new bio under the “Meet the Team” tab on the homepage.


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