Why the First Day is the Worst

She hits the nail on the head! College freshman (or soon to be freshman)–read this. It’s the laugh you need today.

More Than a Musician

New Student Orientation Day: A Comical Approach

Here’s a walk-through of what move-in day of Freshman year at college will look like to your inner cynic.

You wake up early and look at the massive pile of stuff that is probably in your living room. “How do I need this much stuff,” you ask yourself. So in hopes of shrinking the pile, you remove that extra pencil that you don’t really need…because that will make it better. Then you move to consider what you could have forgotten, all the while trying not to think of the idea of adding one more thing to that pile.

As you eat your breakfast, your father packs the car, somehow fitting all of your random junk in the car. Shortly after, you realize you forgot something “vital,” then you have to pee for the fifteenth time in the last two minutes. Get in the…

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