Lookin’ Good, 2016!

2015 was a big year. A scary, fun, crazy year.

I moved at least four times. I switched my major. I transferred colleges. I fell in love. I got engaged. I bought a wedding dress. (Er, I let my parents buy me a wedding dress).

I’ve learned many things in 2015:

  1. Don’t tell God what you want Him to do. (Or you might *surprise* end up falling in love with your best friend).
  2. Be firm with Israeli street vendors.
  3. You will never have enough money to do everything you want to do or help everyone you want to help. Be happy anyway.
  4. Spotify has a section for “sleep sounds.” They’re all a little trippy.
  5. Nose piercings don’t hurt until the adrenaline wears off, about 20 minutes later.
  6. Some people fry their peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. What? (I’m looking at you, Kent and John-Thomas).
  7. Karaoke is best enjoyed at 2:00AM.
  8. Dogs don’t like karaoke.
  9. I really, really want a dog.
  10. Purdue students chant “IU sucks” at basketball games. Even when they’re not playing IU.
  11. Giordano’s is in fact the best pizza in Chicago, and anyone who tells you differently is poorly mistaken.
  12. It doesn’t matter that Chicago is “on a grid!” You can still get very, very lost.
  13. It’s possible for me to go an entire year without totaling my car. (Knock on wood).
  14. My brother has never read my blog. (So I can air my grievances on here without him knowing? Stay tuned).

Back in May, I decided it would be a good idea to start a blog. (Hindsight is 20/20). In June I published the first post, “Precariosities Explored.” I’m happy to say that although it’s still a wee little baby blog, Precariosities hit 15,000 views at the end of December 2015!

For those interested in an update on my personal life:

I’m currently juggling wedding planning and…nope, that’s it. I have an easy life. In January I’ll be starting my second semester of Business Administration at Ivy Tech.

After the semester, I’m gettin’ hitched! Kent and I will relocate for his job, but not before we become world travelers. May will be Alaska, June will be Cancun, and July will be Ireland. We’ll get a little bit of everything: cold, hot, and whatever Ireland is. Is Guinness a weather term?

A note concerning Precariosities:

Do you have something on your heart you’d like to share? Do you enjoy writing pieces that wouldn’t be put anywhere else except on a blog? 


Do you own your own business? Would you like your product or service to be tried, reviewed, and advertised on Precariosities?

Please feel free to contact me at precariosities@gmail.com with any questions, ideas, offers, compliments, or criticisms! 

Your support, prayers, and love for me, my life, my blog, my work, and my passions is incredible. I love you all.

2016 will be fun 🙂



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