I Cry A Lot, And You Can Too

Hi, my name is Kelly McAvoy and I am the stressed owner of overactive tear ducts. (Does she cry because she’s stressed, or is she stressed because she cries? Tune in next time for the newest episode of Most Emotional Woman in the World!)

Harry Potter franchise done? Tears.

Puppies being sad? Tears.

Puppies being happy? Tears.

Hard math homework? Tears.

Lay eyes on my (sponsor) child (‘s picture) for the first time? Tears.


When he asked me out? Teared up.


Saying goodbye to my best friend right before separating for college? Tears driving away.


Being reunited with the best dog in the world? Embarrassingly enough, tears.


Puppy Zone in Tennessee? Tears.


Having to wake up early? Holding back tears.


Years ago, meeting kids on my first mission trip? Tears saying goodbye.


Funnily enough, the one place I didn’t feel like crying in Israel was the Wailing Wall.


Walking the path of Jesus’ Crucifixion? Tears.


Sea of Galilee? Tears.


If I cry at those things, of course I cry at the “everyday” problems:

School stress.

Wedding stress. 

Financial stress.

Relationships stress.

In the past 24 hours I’ve cried more than I did last semester. And you know what? I’m not going to say sorry for it. The most recent thing Disney has taught me is that your feelings are important. All of them. I may not be mourning a death, working three jobs as a single mom, battling HIV in Africa, or battling PTSD after returning from war, but I face my own struggles each day. It’s not about comparing who has it worse or determining whose sadness is justified; it’s about recognizing we will all go through bad things, and being there for each other when we do.


Your feelings are an extension of who you are. You shouldn’t have to apologize for them anymore than you should apologize for existing. 

Some people are soft-spoken and reserved. Others are the life of the party, energetic, and want to be heard. Both are okay, of course. Some people are very emotional and become moved to sad or happy tears easily. Others cry only a handful of times in their life. Both of these are okay, too. It seems like we’re back in elementary school, doesn’t it?

I definitely wish I wasn’t so tearful, but as Kent so often reminds me:

it’s just the way God made me. I’ve got nothing to be ashamed of. Revelation 21:4 says that I won’t have to worry about crying at all in heaven, and I’m okay with that. Kleenex might be a little concerned about going out of business once I die, though.

I have an algebra test on Wednesday, and after four weeks in that class I am about 62% confident I know how to add and subtract.

I’m out of clean towels and washcloths.

The current ingredients in my pantry are pasta, honey, shish kabob sticks, and cornstarch.

I’m getting married in three months, which means the frequency of me thinking things like

But I can’t even find China on a map

Do I have to get all new credit cards


Am I still allowed to wear footie pajamas

is increasing at an alarming pace, so much so I can’t focus in my algebra class.

So yes, there will be more tears. There will be more empty tissue boxes. There will be more bloody noses and bloodshot eyes. I’m confident joy comes in the morning, though. My tears are temporary. My pantry will be full soon. I will do laundry, I will get married, and I will learn geography and algebra (someday).

Life is good overall, but you hit some snags along the way. It’s okay to cry when you do. Let me know and I’ll cry with you, because we’re in this together.


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