When Your Wedding is in 63 Days

Since when is May only two months away from March? That seems a little rushed. Is this calendar correct?


Will people be able to find my town on a map, or will it be labeled “Cornfields”?

Was it pizza or housing on which you’re supposed to spend 25% of your income?

Can a “mandatory footie pajama reception” be instituted?

If I trip walking down the aisle, can I go back and have everyone pretend I’m coming in for the first time?

Do I invite Carly Fiorina because I like her, or just to snub Hillary Clinton? (Both. Consider yourself snubbed, Hillary.)


What do you do when you realize your flower girl is almost as tall as you?

On a scale of 1 – 9 3/4 how cheesy is it to incorporate Harry Potter quotes into your vows?

I fell for you faster than Harry fell off his broom when the dementors showed up.

They’ll only get worse from there. I’ll stop.


11 thoughts on “When Your Wedding is in 63 Days

  1. Where is your town? I could probably find it from drunken squiggles on a bar napkin, but there are too many who can’t find their hand by following their arm. Best of luck. 😆


  2. Hi Kelly! I’m a newcomer from Jory Micah’s blog. I loved your post today about raising more awareness in church about domestic violence. Love, love, loved it.

    I was drawn to this wedding post in particular because I’m marrying my college sweetheart on May 15, the day after we graduate. May marriage buddies, holla! I hope you blog about your thoughts on egalitarian marriage and egalitarian weddings — I’d love to hear them! Honestly, I have found only ONE single newlywed/engaged woman around my age who’s egalitarian (and she just took a social media break — boo). I’ve kind of been figuring things out on my own…like breaking it to my pretty complementarian officiant that we’re egalitarian and can we please look at your wedding homily before you deliver it…like addressing envelopes as “Mr. John and Mrs. Jane Smith” because I HATE calling a woman “Mrs. John Smith”…like trying not to roll my eyes when people tell me I should be happy to have my name “hid” in my husband’s. Yeah. It’s been fun. 😉

    Anyways, glad to find a likeminded blogger! Keep up the good work. 🙂


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  3. Bailey! Hi–hello–welcome! It’s great to meet you. In the past I haven’t written much (or any) about egalitarianism, but you never know what the future might hold 🙂 Congrats on your graduation/engagement/wedding! Hope you’re not freaking out with all of the last minute wedding planning as much as I am 😉 I poked around a bit on your blog and I feel like I know you a bit now. You’re so brave for making hard choices concerning theology, church membership, doctrine, etc. Keep seeking truth and asking the Lord for His guidance. Excited for what’s ahead!


  4. Oh, also, yes, I have spoken to my pastor about changing a few key words during the ceremony. Little things like instead of “Who gives this woman to be married?” saying “Do you, her parents, give your blessing on this marriage?” My fiancé and I hate the “Mrs. John Smith,” too! Haha!


  5. ^ Yes! We’re having the pastor ask, “Who comes to bless this marriage?” and the entirety of both our families (parents AND siblings) say, “We do.” There are so many beautiful moments planned for our ceremony, but this one is perhaps my favorite. 🙂

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