Not Just Skin Deep

“Oh, does my heart long for the day that we no longer hurt because of color. My heart longs for my Heavenly home, because I know that there, people of all different colors and cultures and languages will stand before the Almighty Savior. We will stand in unity, worshiping the same great God. There will be no tension. Skin will no longer ache.”

My friend Jess throwing down some good words about humanity! This is an especially good post to read after Precariosities’ last post, “An Open Letter to ‘Good Cops.'”

Click here to read a guest post by Jess from January.


Skin is important. It allows us to feel at a loving, soft touch. It allows us to ache at hurtful blows. We feel pain and discomfort on our skin in the same way that we feel the closeness of a tende…

Source: Not Just Skin Deep


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