Back in the Windy City

I leave for Chicago in 19 hours. Things I am psyched to see (in a very particular order):

  1. My Moody people. Bless them–I haven’t seen most of them in almost a year. I mean to say this in the least possible egocentric way, but it’s weird to think that life goes on once you leave a certain location. I don’t know what Moody was like before I was there and I don’t know what it’s like now. My guess? People are still sneaking out more than one piece of fruit from the SDR, and cozy couples are sporadically (read: strategically) placed along the tunnels.
  2. Deep dish pizza.

That’s…that’s about it.

It’s my dear friend Sara’s bridal shower weekend. I love showers (both kinds). It’s a few hours people take out of their lives to say “You–YOU are important. We love you insane amounts and want to make sure you know how happy we are for you at this stage in your life. Here, have some more food. And presents.” What’s better than that?

I’ll have an update on my midwest travels after this weekend, but for now, here are some thoughts from the March/April mind of Kelly:

  1. Should I vote for Bernie Sanders? How am I actually considering this? Would he be better than Trump? Is it better to vote for someone who means well but goes about things the wrong way or vice versa?
  2. Registering for a wedding is pretty fun, but seeing the fruits of it is even better. As Kent said last week, “I feel like ever since we’ve told people we’re getting married, I’m getting a lot of free, new toys.” The FedEx man and I are becoming fast friends.
  3. Shout out to students who work full time and go to school full time. Y’all work so hard. Monday and Tuesday combined this week I worked 15 hours. After that the work tapered off, but I tried to imagine what it’s like to be any number of kids full time waitressing, working at car washes, front desks, etc. It’s stressful balancing 14 things when you only have time for 4. Keep going. It won’t last forever.
  4. If you’re one of the few who haven’t yet, check out Paper Tie Affair on Etsy. I used them for my wedding invitations and they were wonderful to work with.

Until next week then, friends–




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