An Open Letter to Hillary Clinton

Hi Secretary Clinton,

My name is Kelly. I live in Indiana. This will be the first presidential election in which I am eligible to vote. I, like you, believe in taking a strong stand for the equality of women. We go about it a few different ways, but I won’t get into that here.

I’m sure you’re pretty nervous with the election coming up. I mean, voting is in November and you’ve been campaigning–well–for a very long time.  It must feel like 2016 will be the culmination of everything  you (and everything a lot of women in general) have worked for. You may become the first female President of the United States of America.

It’s incredible. I get chills thinking about how a woman, despite all of the sexism that runs unabated in too much of our nation, can become a frontrunner not only for a party, but for a country. You’ve practically done it. History books will write about you and the challenges you overcame to bring the political machine to its knees. Little girls will read about you and finally have a concrete image of a woman who was powerful and demanded the world take notice.

The thing is, I’m scared for those little girls. When they grow up, I want them to be able to read about a wildly intelligent, incredibly caring, hugely intimidating, remarkably determined, uncommonly intuitive, exceptionally truthful, and decidedly diplomatic human being that we had as president from 2016-2024. I don’t want her to read about you. And I certainly don’t want any little girls already in this world to live under the legislature you will pass.

It was supposed to be you, Mrs. Clinton.

You were supposed to be the one we could all follow. Surely if we couldn’t agree on go or stay, yes or no, shoot or stand down, we could all come together on the simple notion that “YES, finally, we have someone to be our voice. We are women, and we will be heard.” If nothing else, we were supposed to be unified by the fact that we have faced the same oppression. Our climbs have been marked not only by the fact that our ladders are shorter than men’s, but that rungs are missing, and for each step we take we are pulled down two more. If nothing else, we were supposed to be brought together by the dispiriting knowledge that we have been denied the same opportunities, and we will keep fighting for what is rightfully, equally, ours. 

That was supposed to be you, but it won’t happen.

Let me be clear that I want to see a woman in office like I want every child to have a home, but I refuse to give you my vote simply because you were born a woman. I’m not sure I could vote for you if it came down to it, Mrs. Clinton, because I think there are a multitude of other candidates whose lies I trust more than your “truths.”

I’m scared for you, scared for me, and scared for the country. It was supposed to be you, Secretary Clinton, but now I don’t know who it will be. Please remember that the first time you sit behind your desk in the Oval Office.


A First Time Voter

Before You Go
What do you think? Is Hillary Clinton the next president of the United States?
Let us know your thoughts below. 

6 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Hillary Clinton

  1. I’m a new reader – hi! I’m not sure if this post is just a personal monologue, or if you’re trying to make a case to your readers. I find this post really confusing, because you make it very clear that you cannot support Hilary, but you don’t give any reasons why. I live out of the country right now, so I’m not as informed (yet) on her policies and whether or not I’d agree with them. I’m just not sure if you wanted to really make a point here or not …
    And don’t worry I’m not the least bit interested in a debate. I’m just genuinely curious, because I know both democratic and republican Christians who both love and hate her. I, too, think the idea of a woman president is hugely exciting, so I wonder what reasons have made you so firmly against her. My biggest worry is that if it’s between her and Trump, I don’t know how I could possibly bring myself to vote for Trump, even if Hilary is terrible.

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  2. Hi Anna–welcome to Precariosities! Sorry you found the post confusing. For the sake of brevity, I did not bring up the litany of cases that could be made against Hillary Clinton. From Benghazi to abortion (and everything in between) she misspeaks, tries to cover up mistakes, and I personally believe, is dishonest with the American public. She has also made statements on abortion that again, I personally, am unsatisfied with. But you’re right–voting for Trump is an equally horrible option! 🙂

    Below are some links that shed more light on Hillary Clinton controversies:


  3. I would love to have a women as president of the United States. How awesome would that be? But I can’t make myself vote for Clinton. All the dishonesty through the years, and the fact that she helped silence women who were taken advantage of by her husband prevent me from voting for her. I don’t believe that she is a true advocate for women.
    I can’t believe how horrible our options are this election. I feel like the American people have been betrayed, but then again, we get what we ask for.

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  4. What a fantastic blog post. I actually came here from Jory Micah’s blog to assure you that I preach against Domestic Violence at least every month. Here in Zambia it is even a worse problem than in the US, and it’s even more hidden and even more prevalent. But I admit, when I was in the US, I rarely preached on it, and I’m sorry.


  5. “I don’t believe that she is a true advocate for women”–completely agree with you! Perhaps we’ll see a female candidate we can support yet in our lifetime 🙂


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