Summer 2016 Update

What a whirlwind summer. Since I last left you all, I have:

-made my best friend my husband

-changed my name (the government just doesn’t know it yet)

-flown to Alaska

The brand new Blaziers on a beach in Alaska!

-not gotten eaten by a bear

-stood by my friend as she made her best friend her husband

-made an organic pizza

-flown to Mexico

-drank legally for the first time (cheers, am I right?)

-binge-watched Modern Family (Mexico Netflix > States Netflix)

-binge-watched Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Ireland Netflix > States Netflix)

-Taken 5 weeks off from work

-Gotten all of the wedding pictures back from the photographer

-Turned 21 (Cheers, again.)

-Found a house, signed a lease, and moved in!

Life is good. Life is great, actually. Recently I’ve found joy in the smallest of things. I saw a chipmunk today and made Kent stop so I could freak out about it. I find myself doing simple things like watching a movie with my husband or watching distressed waves on a lake, and thinking of complex things like how much God loves us or how beautiful creation is. I never thought my life would look like this: married at 20, going to school online, and moving to a city where we know no one, but I wouldn’t change it for anything. I’m more of an introvert, someone who would prefer to read in an empty house for five hours, but there are some adventures you just can’t help but be excited for. Looking back, I see God’s hand in everything.

He moved me from Moody Bible Institute to Ivy Tech, near my (then) boyfriend. He changed my major to something that allowed me to feel fulfilled and still go into my initial field of Human Trafficking. He led me to try online schooling, which I never would have ventured into on my own. Now I see that He did this so I could feel at ease telling Kent, “I’ll go wherever you go,” when I still had two years of college left. He gave me friends from all over, so I wouldn’t feel such a heartbreak when leaving my hometown. He put people in my life to love and support me on a journey that is still unfolding.

“Grateful” is the word to describe how I’m feeling. I’ll sit down to pray before a meal and find myself overcome with how much I’ve been given. Even the material things point me to gratitude. I can’t use a mug, towel, couch, or candle without thinking, “This is what ____ gave us.” 

On the note of gratitude, I am immensely thankful for our talented wedding videographer and photographer! Liz and Britt make great stuff. Seriously. Check it out.

A few wedding-related links:

Wedding Video:

1,000 thanks to Ms. Liz Russell ❤

Watch in HD!

Wedding Pictures:

1,000 thanks to Mrs. Brittany Gerber ❤

Please excuse any weird, embarrassing, or mildly inappropriate expressions/poses/pictures.

Password: mcavoyblazier

Last but not least, I have become a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant! Am I terrified? You bet. Am I just a sucker for good skin care? Maybe, but I’m also wanting to get out of my comfort zone, meet new people, build my confidence, put what I’m learning in business classes into action, and take on a new challenge. Oh, and sell some lipstick. 😉

If you would like to receive Mary Kay’s magazine (The Look) regularly, please let me know! It is free of charge AND comes with some great samples! My basement is full of Mary Kay and assurances to my husband that his “man cave” is not gone forever. You might be helping him out more than me if you order from me! 😉 If you are in the Wells County or Bartholomew County area, get in touch and ask for a FREE makeover/facial!

Let’s see…what else…I’m trying to anticipate what questions people will want answered…

Yes, I like our new house. It’s cute but not too cute, you know?

Renting not buying.

Yes, you can visit any time! We have a spare bedroom and plenty of space in the basement.

I start school on the 22nd.

Ivy Tech for this semester, then switching to Grace College online for the remainder of my degree.

No puppy………..for now………..

I promise to not let it be so long until our next chat 🙂 I’ve missed blogging!!

Until then,




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