5 Reasons Why Wedding Season Is Not So Bad

{From Bailey, Precariosities’ Director of Content}

Featured photo by Brittany Brooke Photo Art Design

Ladies. I am talking to you in this post. Mostly because I think all hope is lost in the realm of men enjoying weddings. I get it. It’s hard, guys. (If you know a guy who loves wedding season, send him my way. I think we’d get along.) Girls, though. Women are stereotypically the romantics, right? We should enjoy weddings so hard.

But if we’re being real, I don’t actually know that many people who love wedding season. I know people who love love. I know people who love dressing up. But I am hard-pressed to find someone who genuinely loves going to weddings.

Everyone loves the holidays, right? We get some time off of work and school to relax and be with people we love. Most people would probably tell you their favorite time of year is Christmas, when everyone comes home. Or maybe the spring—when school ends and creation starts to wake up. Or maybe autumn—when summer bleeds out slowly but beautifully in a fireworks show of color.

But not many people are going to tell you their favorite time of year is wedding season. I guess it’s understandable depending on how you look at it. You do have to buy a lot of gifts, and you do have to sacrifice some of your relaxation time for a day out. But I also am a firm believer that wedding season is what you make of it. (I also low-key want to be Katherine Heigl in 27 Dresses, so I straight love wedding season.)

I know it can be hard to get psyched up to go out for wedding after wedding after wedding. I hit a wall this summer, too. But there is so much joy in wedding season. So many reasons to be excited about it. It doesn’t have to be your very favorite time of the year. But I promise you, it is really not so bad.

Don’t believe me? Here’s a few reasons why:

1) You have an excuse to buy a new dress.

This is quite possibly what gets me most excited about wedding season. Even if you don’t love dressing up, isn’t there something just a little bit exhilarating about feeling good in a new outfit?

Photo by Brittany Brooke Photo Art Design

It can be hard to justify an impulse purchase on any given day. If you don’t need something, why would you waste your money? But that dress you were eyeing back in April? You can buy it now because you need it for a wedding. I’m serious. Go buy that thing. Personally, I find it to be a great motivator for actually getting out and going to the wedding. You have a new dress, and you feel good in it, and you deserve to celebrate that. Just don’t outdo the bride. (Which you won’t because she has people who are getting paid to make her look the best.)

2) You eat so much free food.
Think about it. If you go to a wedding every weekend, you have your Saturday evening meal taken care of already. To be fair, you did probably purchase a gift for the happy couple. But that just means that you can feast without feeling guilty. And the main course isn’t even the best part. The cake is. After that cutesy moment when the bride and groom feed each other cake, all the guests get to descend on it. Arguably my favorite moment of the reception: cake eating. It’s the best when there are cupcakes involved.


Preferably cupcakes of many flavors. Because, after spending money a gift, you are most definitely allowed to sample every. single. kind.

3) You get the opportunity to show off your killer dance moves.

The Cupid Shuffle is my jam, guys. I am legitimately the most socially awkward excuse for a human being you will ever meet.


But that does not keep me off the dance floor at weddings. Wedding season is the only time I venture outside of my shell. Because for real, who can pass up the Cupid Shuffle? And also those songs that have no real beat but everyone starts jumping up and down and singing along? Yeah, I like those too. To be fair, it’s better when the guests are kind of tipsy. But you can have just as much fun at a dry wedding. (I would know. All the weddings I attended this summer were dry.)

4) You get the opportunity to make fun of other people’s dance moves.

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Photo by Brittany Brooke Photo Art Design

If dancing isn’t your thing, I feel you. I do. Socially awkward, remember? But it’s okay. You can still love wedding season. Just take a seat and watch the guests trickle onto the floor. The bride’s uncle. The groom’s cousin. That one kid you kind-of-but-not-really knew in high school. They are all at the reception. And they are worse dancers than you. So. Sit down with your cake and enjoy. You’re welcome.

5) You can—for those few weekends each year—watch love win.


If you didn’t buy that new dress. If you hated the food served at the reception. If you would rather die than be caught on the dance floor. If you find absolutely no joy in watching others make fools of themselves. Okay. I don’t blame you. The wedding scene isn’t for everyone. But don’t tell me you don’t still want to believe in magic a little bit. We have this inherent need for the extraordinary. Some people spend their lives chasing it without even really knowing what they’re looking for. And some people find it everywhere.

Extraordinary things? They happen during wedding season.

They happen in the “I do”s, in the first kiss, in the first dance.

They happen in the pure, sheer joy that emanates from two souls being united.

They happen on those Saturdays we sometimes dread or get sick of.

Love wins one more time with every single wedding. Over and over again, love gets a victory.

Considering the world we’re living in today, I’d say that’s a pretty good reason to love wedding season.


Before you go:

Are you a lover or a hater when it comes to wedding season?

Why? If you had to choose a favorite part, what would it be?



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