*Pictures taken by Kent and modeled by Kelly. We have our strengths, and these are not them. Focus on the cute clothes.

Friends, I am so excited to introduce you to Monica Gustaveson, a new friend all the way out in Kodiak, Alaska, (which I got to see earlier this year!) and a LuLaRoe consultant! She and her husband call their part of the business “LuLaRoe Blessings” and truly do love to bless others. For parties, a host will often decide they want some of the profit to go towards a charity of their choice, and Monica makes that happen! (I love it when companies that are already good, do more good!)

Buckle in!

The Roebox Subscription

A client completes a Google Survey that has been designed to give the LuLaRoe consultant an idea of likes/dislikes when it comes to style, as well as the RoeBox they would like. There are three options for the boxes and they vary in cost. 

For the subscription–if you only want it as a one time thing–you have the option to pass. There is also the option to simply be emailed every month with a reminder of the RoeBox availability. 

Each box consists of a 2-3 piece outfit with coordinated accessory and FREE SHIPPING. (Beautiful words, amen?) Once the Google Survey has been completed, the client receives an invoice. The Roebox ships out within 48 hours of invoice being paid (primarily because the consultant, Monica, does not work on Sundays). 

The survey took me no time at all, and pretty soon I had 6 or 7 new pieces to add to my wardrobe!

I’m just like any other woman in that I want/need clothes that I can plow through the day’s work in, but also feel cute.  I need to check off everything on my To Do list, but one of the things on my To Do list is to look good, amen? I might not be living in New York or LA, but I love bringing a little fashion to my neck of the Indiana woods.



This Cassie Skirt paired with a LuLaRoe necklace is so great. I happened to be trying all these on on the same night I had a meeting to go to where I needed to be dressed in a skirt or dress outfit…


Bam. Outfit found. And this necklace and I will be together for eternity. (I didn’t even know LuLaRoe did necklaces!)

Joy Vest

This pink thang is a little different (which I love!) Lightweight and fun, I can put this over just about any thing dressy. Here, I actually dressed it down a little. I’m wearing a non LulaRoe tank and plain black LulaRoe leggings. (It’s a bummer you can’t really see the leggings because I could fawn over them for years). I don’t how they did it, but LuLaRoe struck the perfect match between not too tight and not too loose, not too see-through-thin, and not too thick. I’ll be able to tuck them into knee-high boots, roll them up a little for ankle boots, or slip on a pair of moccasins or tennis shoes. Did I mention they are the softest things on planet earth? When I opened my LuLaRoe Blessing Box, I tossed those to Kent right away and said, “I think I already know what your top vote is going to be.”

Later, I put this outfit on and went to show Kent.

“Ooh,” Kent said. “You look like Mary Kay.”

“Thanks,” I said. “Um…I don’t really know what that means.”

“It means if you sold me Mary Kay, and you were wearing that, I’d be like, ‘This lady knows what she’s doing.'”

Good enough for me!

Even a blurry picture can’t tame that sassy red! This is the Monroe Kimono, and it makes me beyond pumped for Dressember when–although I may only have a week or two worth of dresses–I can use pieces like this to switch it up.

I also got a Baseball Tee like the one pictured here, except it’s black and white. I don’t know when my obsession with Baseball Tees started, yet here it is. I’ve had ones before that are too tight-fitting, though, but this one is great. I can throw it on and go get groceries, clean the house, wrastle a pig…anything.


Here’s the Kicker

LuLaRoe is a fair trade clothing company. This means they care about their workers. They care about the working conditions. They strive to achieve sustainability. They acknowledge  that people are more important than clothes.

That is something I can get behind. If you’ve considered making your wardrobe fair trade but have never really been a Goodwill girl, LuLaRoe is going to make all your dreams come true.


There’s such a personal touch when you order with LuLaRoe. Monica gave me her business card and wrote an encouraging little note. To me, that’s a much nicer shopping experience than asking the annoyed 17 year old sales associate to check in the back if they have any extra smalls. (She has people to text. Leave her alone).

Click here to take the survey and get your Roebox!


Before You Go

What do you think of LuLaRoe? Have you ever heard of it before?

If you get anything, let us know how you like it! 


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