Bloody History

I have struggled with what words to say as horrible events have unfolded across the country and even across the world. This was the best I could do.


Do you remember sitting at your middle school desk

Looking at bloody pictures that told the brutal

Story of history, and the hate humans had shown each other


And because no one had told you differently

You thought you would have been able to change the world

And stop the shouted curses from turning to gas chambers


If I had been alive then, I would have been on the good side, you think

I would have stood for what was right

Protested peacefully

Helped slaves along on the Underground Railroad

Lied to the Gestapo as I sent Jews to safety

Marched hand in hand with those who look different


Let me remind you

You are alive now.


We are the ones who decide if more bloody chapters

Will be added to our children’s history books




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