Kelly’s Garage Sale for Good

…Is As Cheesy As It Sounds.


Okay here’s the deal:


Whereas Kelly is tired of loading her car with random items to take to Goodwill and forgetting random items every time;


Whereas Kelly is increasingly becoming a minimalist and extra clutter makes her weep;


Whereas pricing items to sell is horribly onerous;


Whereas, as much as she tries not to be, she remains the naively hopeful “shucks, let’s change the world” girl she was in second grade;

Whereas it has come to her attention there is a child in her sphere who is in need of savings for a more secure future;

She is starting a garage sale page on Facebook.

  • “Kelly’s Garage Sale for Good”
  • @perpetualgaragesale
  • Ongoing and online
  • Items delivered to both Bartholomew and Wells counties as well as surrounding areas
  • Willing to ship if purchaser covers shipping costs


Buy the Hobby Lobby decor she never should’ve brought home. Help a child. Share the page or this post with others. Repeat.


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